Withania Sominifera commonly known as Ashwagandha is one of my ultimate herbs and let me tell you why.

Withania is an adaptogenic herb, this means that it works on bringing our body back to homeostasis. It helps to promote balance, restore as well as protect the body.

It is also great as a mild sedative, anti-inflammatory, and hypotensive. This herb can do SO many things for so many conditions or problems. That’s the beautiful thing about herbs they have so many different actions that they can help different systems at the same time.

My favourite reason for using this herb is for its ability to help my patients with exhaustion, especially nervous exhaustion… it helps to lower cortisol which is so important for us in this busy lifestyle. It helps with the immune system as well.

Liquid herbs are tolerated by most people, however most herbs are available in tablet form if that is preferred.

If you are stressed, tired, exhausted and want to use the healing power of herbs let me know!

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