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How to avoid Holiday Burnout 

This time of the year always comes with a busy schedule and extra stress. Although it is a joyful time for you to spend time ...
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Living and Eating Seasonally This Autumn

The temperatures are dropping, trees are shedding their leaves, and supermarkets are packed to the rafters with Easter eggs – it’s officially Autumn.   As the days get shorter and we transition ...
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Health trends 2021

Health Trends that are here to stay

The impact of covid-19 and lockdown measures has highlighted new trends in different sectors, including daily healthy living.  While many health trends are usually short-time ...
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Vitamins and minerals ebook

Vitamins & Minerals

What are vitamins & minerals and what do they do? Download this FREE e-book to find out more…
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Bluebell ingredients

Breastfeeding is widely recognized as the best form of nutrition for your baby but…
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Jess Blair New Zealand Nutritionist Naturopath Australia


Organic foods, what are they and what are the key benefits of buying organic?
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Jess Blair book

Small Changes for Big Results

Wellness is a practical, easy-to-follow guide for people wishing to live a more energized, healthy life. Packed with simple tips that make a big impact on health. The book will guide you through five key areas of focus.
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