Health Trends that are here to stay

The impact of covid-19 and lockdown measures has highlighted new trends in different sectors, including daily healthy living. 

While many health trends are usually short-time fads that eventually fizzle out, some of these changes will remain even in a post-pandemic world. Expensive detoxes, skinny teas, detox tablets. are a thing of the past (never should have been a thing at all!)  

Here are some health trends that are here to stay. 

Working from Home 

Working from home is the new normal. 

And this is not stopping anytime soon. 

With more companies strategizing their policies to accommodate remote services, there is no doubt many more people will be working from home in the years to come. 

This brings up a critical question. 

“How do you balance working from home with maintaining a healthy lifestyle?” 

Without the traditionally designated “office-hours”, the thin line between working and staying at home is blurred, leading to longer working hours. This can raise the chances of exhaustion and ineffectiveness, which are primary signs of increased stress levels. 

However, there are a few arrangements you can put in place to ensure you maintain a healthy work from home balance. 

Create a “work-hours” routine: 

Put in place measures that allow you to work from home only during your “work-hours.” Work-hours refer to the amount of time you would typically spend working at the office.  

Working within this set routine will prevent burn-out, maximize your effectiveness and give you more time to spend with your family. 

Take regular breaks: 

Sitting for prolonged periods in front of the computer is not the best for your health. Make a habit of taking off small breaks. Talk a walk, stretch your limbs and break the monotony. 

Home-cooked Meals. 

Working from home allows you to keep better track of what you eat. Instead of grabbing quick bites and consuming junk foods, which are often high in calories and sugar, you can now spend more time preparing nourishing and healthy meals. 

While fast-foods have worked their way into the lifestyle of many, home-cooked meals, remain the better and healthier alternative. 

You’re more likely to eat less and watch your food intake when eating at home than eating out. You’ll also determine what goes into your meal and choose a healthier meal preparation method—reducing your salt intake, for example. 

Home-cooked meals also decrease your dependence on heavily processed foods, thereby increasing your cardiovascular health. 

Virtual wellness 

Virtual fitness classes found their way into the mainstream just last year. However, virtual fitness is here to stay for many concerned about their physical health and wellness. 

Virtual fitness activities include taking an online class on yoga, work-out, or a mind-calming exercise. You can also book a session with your nutritionist. 

If you need the motivation to get started, consider hosting a fitness challenge and inviting your friends and family to participate. You can easily keep track of each other’s progress using social media. 

Adding training time into your diary, into your phone app reminds you to get outside and take that much needed walk in nature or turn on a fitness class on the TV or your phone! 

Digital Health 

 Zoom doctors’ appointments, phone consultation and email prescriptions has made life more convenient during the pandemic. Yes, there has been a shift, one that some people love and some people don’t.  It is important that you keep the doctors’ appointments when you are needing them, and get the relevant tests and surgeries you do need and not put them off! 



With more time spent inside, reading is a great healthy habit. Reading is good for mental stimulation, stress reduction great for knowledge.   Finding a book to read and enjoy can give you some time out and really relax. It also can help with aiding sleep readiness.  


Importance of Looking after your Mental Health  

The importance of your mental health never been so paramount, looking out for each other being kind and the importance of boundaries.  The pandemic has seen a rise in anxiousness, uncertainty and also isolation.   There are online resources, call centers and apps that are made for your mental health. You can also talk to your GP and also a mental health care professional.  Switching off, getting fresh air, exercising and sleep are some of the recommendations I would make to help with your mental health every day. 

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