Sweating in the sun is good but sweating in an infra-red sauna is better

Infra-red is essentially invisible radiation which heats up your body without heating up the atmosphere around you.

While the benefits of sweating out your life’s problems (not quite – but you know what we mean) in a sauna have been touted for a while, it’s infra-red-light saunas that we want you to know about.

Jess Blair who runs her own health, nutrition and naturopathy consultancy Wellness by Blair says infra-red-light saunas have a range of benefits that have been around for longer than you might imagine.

“Infra-red saunas are great because they warm you up without warming up the air around you, which can sometimes prove too intense for some people, especially in a physically restrictive space.

“They’re great for addressing aches and pains, and there’s even some researching linking their benefits to chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and arthritis.”

Infra-red is essentially invisible radiation which heats up your body without heating up the atmosphere around you. This heat is especially beneficial for sore joints and muscles.

“Infra-red saunas also offer a range of other benefits including detoxing the body of acid and other residual waste such as toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine among a few. They’re great for shedding other potentially toxic wastes such as carcinogenic heavy metals.”

It is popular with athletes, such as Jess’ own husband Adam Blair who plays for the Warriors and has a grueling training and on-field programme to help with rehabilitation and recovery for longevity and preventing injuries. Adam has been using heat therapy for years to address niggling injuries and it is a regular part of his rehabilitation schedule.

There is a ton of research on the method, especially among Japanese. A 2011 study by Kagoshima University proved that ‘oxidative stress in heart patients is significantly reduced with the daily use of far-infrared saunas,’.

The heat from infra-red saunas heat your body evenly and are more efficient with the heat penetrating the body more deeply than traditional steam saunas. They are also easy to install at home and do not require structural construction.

Jess says to get the maximum benefits it is important people are prepared when they use infra-red saunas.

“Hydration is key so make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids with electrolytes as you’ll be sweating extensively. 1Above’s recovery or endurance range are great options as they’re loaded with antioxidants and vitamins as well as having electrolytes and are low in sugar.

“Make sure you shower afterwards to get rid of the toxins on the skin, and of course in winter, wear warm clothes so the drastic change in temperatures doesn’t throw your body in disarray.”

Article originally published: https://fresh.co.nz/2018/06/30/sweating-in-the-sun-is-good-but-sweating-in-an-infra-red-sauna-is-better/

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